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our philosophy

Made with clean, simple, premium ingredients our formula boosts your body’s natural response to a workout, restores vital nutrients, rehydrates, and helps you feel better after sweating. All so you can work hard, play hard, and live a life without compromise.

The long hours spent at the gym must be matched with a balanced diet focused on protein, an important nutrient that helps with muscle development. That is why we have designed the premium protein water, a simple alternative to ensuring a great protein intake to your body.

How to Use Our Product

Our company originally started with a primary focus on delivering a performance beverage however, we have since pivoted to offering the world’s very first protein water alcohol chaser.

In this regard it has one job – to prevent and reduce the onset of a hangover. During a night of drinking, Protein Water is a healthy additive that pairs nicely with alcohol. A refreshing night of chasing with protein water will help you make friends with morning again.